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Tondello Technologies group realized a big and incredible event for one of the most important “Roasting Coffee” Italian families.

The family decided to celebrate the eldest son wedding in its private ownership on the Treviso hills, a special “buenretiro” where there are some wineyards fruits and olives trees.

For the event, Luxury Events and Tondello Technologies decided to organize the architectural lighting with a warm amber colour.

It became a suggestive place for all the guests that could use the particular aisle tunnel and the scenographic Orangerie installed by “Le Coperture”, colored with the warm amber color too.

There were some special lounge areas where the guests could drink cocktails prepared on a stylish lighted bar desk on comfortable white sofas, armchairs and tables and then, there was a dance area where they could dance with a special 70s mood.

Another incredible success, signed by all Luxury Events and Tondello Technologies group.

One of the most important Insurance Italian Companies decided to create a magnificent event to celebrate Christmas, like every year. This year, this Company chose one of most popular and elegant place of Venetian overview: the Fondazione Cini, in San Giorgio island, Venice. The Fondazione Cini location is prestigious for its architecture and art, and in the course of time it hosted a lot of famous italian artists and architects. more

An event without precedents was realized for all cars’ lovers: a party in the car show Frav based in Altavilla Vicentina, Vicenza. It was a night dedicated to the new Porsche model, the Porsche 911. The German car manufacturer created a new car with the traditional design but with a new powerful engine.

Frav decided to organize this event with the partnership of Tondello Tecnologies that with the help of the “L’Altro Penacio” restaurant and the music of “Party Privato” dj set created an elegant and incredible party.

Light show, music and elegance: these were the keywords of this party; the new model Porsche was made more special with a particular attention for the details and the light show that have enhanced carefully every innovative aspect.

Another success for Frav, LuxuryEvents and all Tondello Tecnologies group: an event that distingueshed itself in the luxury market.

The automotive world has a new model signed by Audi: the Audi A4.

Frav, a show car based in Altavilla Vicentina, Zanè and Bassano del Grappa, decided to organize three parties to show to all its partners, customers and cars’ lovers the new model.

To organize the parties, Frav has chosen all Tondello Tecnologies Group for the experience of all the group in the luxury event organization.

During the night it was possible doing a test drive; Tondello Tecnologies curated the lightening of every shop, it casted the brand logo and the it curated all the sound level and music.

All the guests partecipated to an incredible, elegant and special parties, there was a lounge atmosphere created with warm and delicate lights, and then there was a tasty banquet made by the “Con Gusto” catering.

During the night a light mini show was realized with some Tondello tools on the cars’ cloths, such as lasers and special lights.

Luxury Events by Tondello Tecnologies created a very successful event.

Every year there is an international and popular event in Vicenza: the International Jewellery Show called Vicenzaoro. It’s an unmissable event for all gold and jewellery lovers and workers and, in this traditional occasion, some leader groups of this industry usually meet together to talk about the last news of jewellery market.

This area today is one of the most popular and profitable in Italy and all over the world. This year, it was an occasion to celebrate this market with a particular and special party, made by the World Diamond Group, a big company of luxury market known all over the world.

With the help of Tondello Tecnologie, an incredible party was realized in Villa Bonin Maistrello, in Vicenza. This is a very beautiful location, one of popular “ville palladiane” that you can find in Vicenza; its typical sign is that it is realized with white marble.

The party was organized by Tondello Tecnologie group, with a banquet made by “Giardinetto Banqueting”; the guests could enjoy themselves with some previews about the new diamond collection. Elegance, photocall, videos, lounge music and delicate lights. Every particular was studied by Silvia Tondello, and in this night there were some international Dj set and models.

An incredible event, an incredible organization signed by Tondello Tecnologies.

Villa Pisani is one of the most popular and beautiful ville venete, so this is why it is called the “Ville Venete’s Queen”. It is close to the Riviera del Brenta, Venice, and one typical aspect known everywhere is the characteristic garden: in fact there is a labyrinth and a big fountain; more, there are some Tiepolo’s portraits.

Ballin, a famous italian shoe factory, decided to celebrate its 70th anniversary here with a big and elegant party. To organize it Tondello Tecnologies group was choosen as partner: Silvia Tondello and all Tondello group, that has a lot of experience in the luxury event organization, furnished the location and its 114 rooms with warm lights, music, and the brand’s logo on the main facade.

A lot of flowers, lights and much more were the actors of the night, so every guest had the sensation to travel through the time, and to come back at the age of emperors and doges (the ancient Venice rulers). Alessandro Tondello and his team coordinated the lightening and the dj set, but the banquet was realized by “Cavour Banqueting”; more there was a live band that played all night long.

Another succes signed by Tondello’s experience, that created an incredible and special event for all the partecipants.