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The automotive world has a new model signed by Audi: the Audi A4.

Frav, a show car based in Altavilla Vicentina, Zanè and Bassano del Grappa, decided to organize three parties to show to all its partners, customers and cars’ lovers the new model.

To organize the parties, Frav has chosen all Tondello Tecnologies Group for the experience of all the group in the luxury event organization.

During the night it was possible doing a test drive; Tondello Tecnologies curated the lightening of every shop, it casted the brand logo and the it curated all the sound level and music.

All the guests partecipated to an incredible, elegant and special parties, there was a lounge atmosphere created with warm and delicate lights, and then there was a tasty banquet made by the “Con Gusto” catering.

During the night a light mini show was realized with some Tondello tools on the cars’ cloths, such as lasers and special lights.

Luxury Events by Tondello Tecnologies created a very successful event.