A fine wedding has taken place in the exclusive venue of Villa Brandolini D’Adda in Sacile lighted up by Tondello Tecnologie

Tondello Alessandro the technical chief of the group has choosen the exclusive LED CABLE FREE TECHNOLOGY to light up the Villa’s facade as well as the porch where the dinner has been placed with a warm amber tone.

The same revolutionary LED technology, suitable for Historical venues and Villas to eliminate the power and visual impact of the cables, has been used to emphasize the trees of one of the most beautiful Italian park thanks to its 7 acres of English style garden.

The tent has been used for the entertainment of guests where Alessandro has used his fantasy to recreate a real 70′s mood dance floor where he has also taken care of the audio system

The event has been coordinated by Pathos Eventi of Conegliano while the banquet was in charge by Dario Ricevimenti.