It has been held at the headquarter of Ronal Group in Santa Maria di Sala the big corporate event that has been a real success for our team.

The tent installed at the square of the factory has been lighted up with  LED effects  with exclusive technology cable free .

The tailor-made stage with the plexiglass podium has been used both for the CEO and chief ‘s speeches than for the entertainment where lot of artists had performed lighted by moving heads ROBIN LED WASH and ROBIN POINTE

Tondello Alessandro which is the technical chief and the real deus ex machina of the event has taken care of the  audio and video system using exclusive edge technology such as d&b audiotecknik

Epson, Sennheiser microphones and Digico SD9 for the digital mixer.

The several International guests have been given the audio guide kit while every moment of the event has been registred and broadcast by our cameras in a real time view of the event.

At our  video direction there was the  Analogue Way QuickVU 150 for the video imput and 2 PC Windows

Another extraordinary corporate event which underline the professionalism of our team.