October 2015

Villa Pisani is one of the most popular and beautiful ville venete, so this is why it is called the “Ville Venete’s Queen”. It is close to the Riviera del Brenta, Venice, and one typical aspect known everywhere is the characteristic garden: in fact there is a labyrinth and a big fountain; more, there are some Tiepolo’s portraits.

Ballin, a famous italian shoe factory, decided to celebrate its 70th anniversary here with a big and elegant party. To organize it Tondello Tecnologies group was choosen as partner: Silvia Tondello and all Tondello group, that has a lot of experience in the luxury event organization, furnished the location and its 114 rooms with warm lights, music, and the brand’s logo on the main facade.

A lot of flowers, lights and much more were the actors of the night, so every guest had the sensation to travel through the time, and to come back at the age of emperors and doges (the ancient Venice rulers). Alessandro Tondello and his team coordinated the lightening and the dj set, but the banquet was realized by “Cavour Banqueting”; more there was a live band that played all night long.

Another succes signed by Tondello’s experience, that created an incredible and special event for all the partecipants.

The elegant facade and the perfect strategic location on the Grand Canal are only two typical aspects of venetian architecture that we select to organize important, elegant and particular parties at Palazzo Pisani Moretta in Venice. In this place there are some important Murano chandeliers and popular venetian luxury furniture.

A young international couple (he is australian and she is turkish) decided to celebrate its marriage here and to do this, the married wanted Tondello Tecnologies group to organize all the details for them and for their guests. Tondello group, with the partnership of White Emotion, an agency based in Milan, and the popular Alajmo that realized the banquet, created an event without precedents.

Tondello Tecnologies studied every single detail to realize a romantic and elegant atmosphere; the history of Tondello group is so long, and it counts partnerships with some famous Italian singer such as Iva Zanicchi, Pooh, Marcella Bella and other more.

Creativity, originality and elegance are some of the aspects that are part of the Tondello Tecnologies’ philosophy. In this occasion, the palace was full of tables with typical lights “palette ambra”, the Tiepolo’s portraits and golden stuccos.. it seeemed to travel throught the history! The organization was signed by Silvia Tondello, and the lighting by Alessandro Tondello.

The pied-a-terre was coloured by orange lights when the guests arrived; then, after dinner, it became a dance area with a light show and music until the day after.