In a late summer afternoon, into a location frequented by the international jet set, the staff of Tondello Tecnoligie, expertly directed by the artistic manager, Silvia Tondello, took care of the lighting design and furniture design of an exclusive wedding event.

The soft curtains staged on the arches of the internal arcade of Villa Campocroce were used as the basis for a sophisticated trick of lights, harmonized on the shades of pink.

The circular pool in front, on two levels, has been enhanced with the installation of 12 drops of light which reflected on the water and helped to create an atmosphere between magic and reality.

For the complements of furniture design, provided by Sirio Rent, it was set up a light table for the coated and for the occasion the wedding cake, one of the most symbolic elements, has been wounded by a candid white light obtained by a beam of optical fiber.

Tondello Tecnologie thanks the wedding planner Alice Zielo and Cavour Ricevimenti catering for the support and the collaboration in the scenic construction of this unique event.