Gobbato house, in the heart of Montello, surrounded by vineyards, meadows, forests and recognized as the most beautiful sight of Treviso, was the setting for an exclusive wedding party in mid-September.Silvia Tondello, Art director of the Tondello Tecnologie group, together with the renowned Banqueting Celeste, has coordinated the design and the construction of architectural outdoor environments; thanks to the experience of AlessandroTondello, technical manager, it has been used the LED technology wireless, to create a harmonious toning color matched to the theme of the party.

The division Sirio, part of Tondello group, also provided for the supply of furniture design dedicated to the composition of lounge islands to accommodate the guests during the succession of the buffet.

The evening, which traditionally began with the cutting of the cake, was accompanied by a fireworks display and by the realization of a white optical fiber waterfall, which wrapped in light the spouses.